Finding Alternatives to Traditional Prostate Cancer Treatments

hroughout North America, Europe and Japan, prostate cancer has touched the lives of approximately 38 million men. In many cases, it develops slowly and displays few if any symptoms. Because this form of cancer is most common in men over fifty, a large number of diagnosed cases will in fact die of unrelated causes, such as heart disease or even old age.

This, however, is of small comfort to that sizable minority of cases in which prostate cancer develops quickly and aggressively (roughly one-third of the total). For these unlucky patients, mortality rates are higher than those of all other forms of cancer, save cancer of the lungs. Finding alternatives to traditional prostate cancer treatments becomes more important since the best treatment option will vary based on the patient’s health, age and preferences.

The traditional treatment for this disease involves prostatectomy, a surgery to remove the entire prostate as well as the surrounding lymph nodes, deferent canals, and bladder neck. This operation will usually take one of three forms, the most common being a trans-urethral resection of the prostate, or TURP. A loop of wire charged with a mono-polar flow of electrical current is shunted through a resectoscope, in order to cut out the cancerous tissue.

An open prostatectomy, on the other hand, involves making an incision in the abdomen or perineum (located midway between the rectum and scrotum), through which the cancerous organ can be removed. A laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is very similar to this procedure. Here, a computerized device is inserted through a series of abdominal incisions, which a surgeon uses to remove the cancerous gland.

The problem with all three of these procedures is their attendant high risks of producing impotence and erectile dysfunction. The risk and extent of this complication will depend somewhat upon the surgeon, but there is very little chance that a patient’s sexual performance will be wholly unaffected by the operation. There are usually other numerous (and serious) complications, as well as a lengthy period of recovery.

In cases where the cancer is discovered later, or has continued to spread into the pelvis, radiation is often considered as a treatment option. Usually, radiation treatment is deployed through X-ray beams, or by the implantation of radio-active seeds implanted into the cancerous gland. As might be expected, there are a number of drawbacks to this kind of procedure. As with prostatectomies, the chance of being rendered impotent by doses of radiation is extremely high. The rectum and bladder are routinely impaired, producing incontinence, bleeding in the rectum and bladder, and blockage of urinary flow, among other side effects. Finally, radiation treatments are completely ruled out as a treatment possibility once the cancer spreads into the lymph nodes.

In cases where the disease spreads from the prostate into other parts of the body, or the cancer has recurred after a series of treatments, hormone therapy is considered as an option. By surgically removing the patient’s testicles, or injecting the body with androgen blockers, the cancer is deprived of hormones vital to its reproduction. While this option has been known to add decades to a patient’s life, it does not actually eliminate the disease. Also, erectile dysfunction and impotence are a major risk, as are depression, mood swings, and a significant loss of muscle strength.

A newer prostate cancer treatment alternative to the three treatment options outlined above is called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (or HIFU for short). Using images gathered from a probe inserted into the rectum, doctors are able to map out an outline of the prostate, and deliver a precisely calibrated ultrasound wave through the rectal wall, destroying cancerous cells using heat energy. Because the wave is so precise – to a tenth of a millimeter, the tissue surrounding the affected area isn’t significantly damaged – this, in marked contrast to surgical, hormonal, and radioactive treatments. Of course, not everyone is eligible for the procedure, and it’s important to discuss the available options with one’s doctor. Nevertheless, HIFU represents a distinct new opportunity for men with prostate cancer, looking for a chance at recovery.

Alternative Cancer Treatments and Alternative Healing

Why choose alternative cancer treatments and not conventional medicine? Because conventional medicine is the treatment of choice for acute emergencies but not long term chronic health conditions that most people suffer with. To heal a chronic symptom, condition or disease you must treat the cause and not the effect. The effect is the symptom, condition or disease, the cause is an out of balance physical and mental/emotional environment. When the systems of the body are unblocked and in balance and when the internal physical environment is in homeostasis and the mental/emotional toxins have been released then the body will do what God designed it to do, heal naturally.

Mankind has long sought the secrets of having a sound mind and body. Becoming healthy in body, mind and emotions and staying that way is created through a Christian health lifestyle along with alternative health techniques. Many people who have been afflicted by sickness or disease have restored their health after considering alternative cancer treatment, and lived long lives with abundant energy and vitality.

It is important to understand that alternative cancer treatment has the objective to heal the whole body and mind naturally. The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Modern medicine treats the symptoms and not the cause of the illness or disease. This is where alternative medicine can help you because it gives you alternative health effects. Alternative Medicine is quickly becoming the accepted way of treating patients with chronic health conditions and diseases compared to conventional medicinal techniques and practices. Alternative medicine practices are based on the techniques that were observed by ancient doctors who observed holistic healing and detoxification.

Again, the reason why the body becomes sick is because the symptoms are treated, not the cause. The methodology of alternative medicine practitioners is far from outdated; however, more than just curing a sickness, studies show that they help prevent it. The reason for alternative medicine’s success in healing the mind and the body lies in its adherence to nature.

God has created natural means of healing us, and alternative cancer treatments uses natural means to propagate good health. Alternative health is a safe and natural way of healing the body of the many toxins, blockages, and imbalances that cause illnesses. After all, you and your family deserve to be at the highest level of health and vitality no matter what your age.

Zeolite: Can Zeolites Be Part Of An Alternative Cancer Treatment Detoxification Program?

There’s a general agreement between practitioners in both the conventional and alternative cancer treatment worlds that detoxification of heavy metals and toxins is a good thing. We get them from dietary sources, such as some processed foods or from fertilizers and sprays used on some food crops, but that is controllable somewhat in that we make our choices about what we eat. We also get them atmospherically from pollution and as a by-product of some industrial processes and depending where we live, this can be a little or a lot of uncontrollable exposure. A good cancer detoxification program should be part of your alternative cancer treatment or prevention plan.

A good cancer detoxification program is basically intended to rid your body of a bunch of the bad stuff that can lead to cancer and other diseases. Not surprisingly there are all sorts of detox programs out there to treat everything from obesity to cancer. It’s reassuring to know that practicing a cancer detox program for one ailment will almost always have a positive impact on any others you might have or want to prevent. A good cancer detox program is also good for disease prevention. One approach that I find kind of interesting is that involving something called a zeolite.

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral created when ash and lava reacted chemically to sea water. Zeolites are one of the few minerals that have negatively (-) charged ions which can attract the positive (+) ions in the toxins and heavy metals. The result is something that can best be described as a magnetic cage that can trap and store heavy metals and toxins. It then carries them out of the body as waste in the urine. So you can see how zeolites could be an attractive part of any cancer detox program. But a bit of caution is required.

You should be aware that there is also a number of zeolite products designed specifically for industrial processes such as concrete or swimming pool filtration, and not deemed fit for human consumption. There are between 50-60 different forms of zeolite mined in the world, two of them quite toxic to humans. The beneficial form of zeolite is called clinoptilolite. Sometimes one of the toxic forms of zeolite called erionite is found with clinoptilolite.

The equipment to test for erionite is very expensive and so most commercial mines don’t test for erionite since the zeolite is intended for commercial purposes and testing is an unnecessary expense. Many mines also include additives for commercial purposes that can be dangerous to ingest. When considering the use of any zeolite product for any health related matter, do your research and ensure that you are getting something that won’t harm your body.

There are dry and liquid forms of zeolites commercially available. There are several companies making several claims about zeolites suggesting one form is better than the other for various reasons. The dry powder zeolite folks are saying that the process to make the liquids destroys the magnetic cage and frees up the heavy metals and toxins to be absorbed back in to your body. The liquid zeolite folks are saying that liquids are more readily absorbed into your system at a cellular level and, subsequently more effective than the powder zeolites. Almost all suggest that zeolites can be used to absorb toxins, free radicals and heavy metals from your body.

They also promote zeolite as an immune system booster, antioxidant, as well as increasing the pH level in your body. There’s enough scientific evidence published to suggest that these claims may be somewhat true. But there’s also a bit of a marketing war going between the various zeolite companies that represents some mud-slinging and allegations that are just short of libelous, in my opinion. So it’s tough to decide which way to go when trying to find the right zeolite product.

At the very least, when choosing a zeolite product, you want to make sure that it is safe for human consumption. It should be approved by your country’s regulatory health authority, such as the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) in the US, or Health Canada. Despite the questionable track record of some federal agencies around the world, at the very least they should have some legal requirement to have ingredients posted on the labels. If the ingredients aren’t on the bottle, you may want to consider looking at something else or at least asking more questions of the manufacturer.

Another consideration is the daily intake amount you need. There’s scientific evidence that suggests between 4,000 mg to 15,000 mg per day so when researching a product make sure that it comes in a form that will allow you to get this amount without having to eat or drink several bottles at one time. One other thing to consider is that a lot of the scientific evidence that is readily available is based on research done with micronized dry powders and not so much the liquid forms.

So when looking to use zeolite as an alternative cancer treatment, whether it be for detoxification, immune system boosting, as an antioxidant, or to manage your body’s pH levels, make sure you do your research. More information can be found on my website.

Author Steven R. Newton in his book of the same title empowers you to answer these questions; “cancer, what is it, how do you get cancer, and what is the best cancer treatment?” He is a regular guy who has had several people close to him affected by cancer. He has nothing to do with any industrial or medical organizations, nor does he promote any “magic cure for cancer”.

In his book he shares his understanding about what cancer is, its prevention and treatments, and how to manage when someone has it.

Homeopathic Medicine Is a Safe Dog Cancer Treatment

If you have recently found out that your beloved dog has cancer, you are currently facing an array of decisions. If you are seeing a veterinarian, he or she has likely recommended dog cancer treatment options like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that these kinds of treatment can be harmful for your dog. However, homeopathic medicine is an option that you might not have thought of yet. This type of medicine is a completely safe way to treat both humans as well as animals.

With homeopathy, your dog will be administered very diluted amounts of various substances. The quantity of these substances is so diluted that the treatments are completely safe. However, at the same time, these remedies are extremely potent. In one study, scientists used test tubes and were able to get cancer cells to “commit suicide” by using homeopathic remedies.

When you use homeopathic remedies as a dog cancer treatment, not only will he or she experience an improved quality of life, your pet will also live longer. Many pet owners are finding that alternative medicine options like homeopathy and biofeedback are helping their pets fight the disease without the need for harmful procedures. These types of homeopathic treatments are also completely safe. They have no side effects and have no addictive properties either. In fact, even babies can be safely treated with homeopathic medicine. A total lifestyle change that includes detoxification, better nutrition and remedies like homeopathy and flower essences can have a huge impact on the health of your pet.

Homeopathy treats your dog’s body as a whole. Sadly, since surgeries and dog cancer treatment like chemotherapy only focus on removing the cancer, they can cause a host of side effects. Further when your dog is in a weakened state and feeling sick and depressed due to various treatments, his cancer is more likely to spread. Your dog may have gotten cancer in the first place because his immune system was weak. Unfortunately, these invasive treatments might end up making your dog even weaker and more vulnerable to the disease. As a result, it could be increasingly difficult for his body to combat the dog cancer.

Western medicine’s approach to dog cancer treatment can often provide a temporary fix for issues. However, alternative treatments like homeopathic medicine can not only greatly expand a dog’s lifespan, but also can bring him back to a normal state of health. Homeopathy is a safe way to reverse the progression of cancer in your dog’s body.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate a dog’s immune system. They also strengthen the body’s ability to fight disease. One of the most powerful effects that this type of medicine has is that it can take advantage of the body’s own healing power. Your dog’s body’s natural ability to heal is the ultimate dog cancer treatment.

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Endure Chemotherapy Cancer Treatments With a Better Quality of Life

The terrible side effects of cancer treatments have led many to agree with the old adage, “the treatment is worse than the disease.” Frankly, the quality of life of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments is oftentimes..well, horrible.

Aside from the debilitating side effects of weakness and nausea that commonly accompany the treatments, there is an even more difficult consequence…PAIN! Oftentimes, excruciating, relentless, pain.

If fact, as one cancer patient, Grace K., of Georgia recently remarked, “I can deal with the tiredness and the nausea, but, not with the pain.” In fact she stated that, because her past experience undergoing chemotherapy was so painful, she did not think she could endure the rigors of the treatment again.

And if you happen to be a caregiver of a cancer patient undergoing chemo and, or, radiation treatments, it is emotionally painful to watch helplessly as your loved one suffers day after day, with no relief; with the hope that the treatments will eliminate the disease; or, at least extend the life of the patient.

So what do patients do about these side effects? Typically, they just endure them. Although, there are drugs that are prescribed to help with the pain; still, the consequences of those drugs can sometimes add to the already distressing situation. But, what if the person’s own immune system holds a fundamental key to improving the quality of life during cancer treatments?

Enter: The Remarkable Health Benefits of Raising Intracellular Glutathione

With literally more than 80,000 articles on the importance of glutathione, I will spare you, the reader, technical jargon and medical references, that you could read for yourself on the internet. But, I will share you two recent true-life experiences of cancer patients who have experienced tremendous relief, particularly, from the painful side-effects of cancer treatments, by raising and sustaining their glutathione levels, resulting in an optimized immune system. This has resulted in a truly better quality of life for these patients.

How Two Cancer Patients Raised Their Glutathione Levels and Found Pain & Nausea Relief

Seventy-five year-old Grace is being treated for lung tumors which metastasized from uterine cancer. She was informed by her oncologist that due to the type of treatment to be administered, she could expect a dramatically diminished quality of life, characterized by much pain, weakness and nausea, in addition to the emotional discomfort of losing her hair. This, she was told, would be the case for the sixteen (16) weeks of cancer treatments.

Ten-year old Jasmine has been undergoing cancer treatments for a brain tumor following surgery. Because of the type of cancer she has, as well as her youth, her parents were much distressed by what their beautiful little girl would have to endure in the way of pain, nausea and tiredness, along with, yes, loss of her lovely, long, flowing, black hair.

Several months ago, Grace and Jasmine, both of Moultrie, Georgia, were introduced to a special scientifically-proven, bioactive, undenatured whey protein technology that is clinically proven and patented to enhance the human immune system, by raising intracellular glutathione levels. In fact, although her insurance would not cover the cost, Grace had her doctor write a prescription for the protein out of the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference).

They Both Are Enjoying a Better Quality of Life During Their Cancer Treatments:

Grace reports that, since she has been taking four packets of the Platinum version of this special whey protein and one packet of the regular version, she has experienced, “no pain whatsoever.” She further states that, while she does still feel tired and weak at times, she does not have any nausea. Thus, she is able to enjoy eating delicious meals daily, which contributes to a better quality of life for her.

Jasmine’s parents, David and Maria, report that doctors are “amazed” at her stamina, energy and jovial disposition during her intense treatments, since they started giving her the glutathione-enhancing whey protein. They started with a half a packet a day, and then, increased to one full packet a day. Her mom, Maria, happily expresses these words, as she delights in Jasmine’s progress, “I feel like a little girl with a new toy!” She said that when Jasmine feels a little tired, she will ask her mom innocently, “Can I have some of my ‘baby food?'” Cute, very cute.

She further states that “now we have the right combination; Jasmine’s positive attitude and this new tool (the special whey protein)” Interestingly, because Jasmine is having so little pain from the treatments, according to her parents, doctors are considering doubling the chemo dosage for a more aggressive assault on the tumor. They are hopeful that it will go well.

Could Others Undergoing Cancer Treatments Enjoy a Better Quality of Life?

In view of the fact that glutathione neutralizes oxidation, a factor contributing to inflammatory pain, as wells as acts as a potent detoxifier in the cells and immune system enhancer, we can anticipate that many more could experience improved relief from some of the more distressing side effects of conventional cancer treatments and enjoy a better quality of life.

If you would like to know more about the scientific research behind this special whey protein [], contact Wayne Holloway []. He is an educator who is asthmatic and is a bronchiectisis sufferer. He enjoys dramatic relief from his health challenges since raising his glutathione levels with this proven protein technology; and wants others to enjoy the same.

Alternative Liver Cancer Treatment and You

A lot of reports suggest that alternative liver cancer treatments have proven to be very effective. These therapies can work along with the conventional treatments. Conventional treatments though are drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Though, these treatments have their own side effects. Alternative liver cancer treatment can assist in lessening the symptoms an in many cases reverse the condition.

A cleansing process is the first step for properly treating liver cancer. The first step in repairing the liver is to flushing the liver with water and releasing the toxins of the body. Therefore, one must drink at least one gallon of water daily. Fresh juices, smoothies can also provide the hydration that the body requires while also including the cancer fighting drugs.

Essiac tea has been discovered to be very helpful. It is produced from a blend of herbs comprising kelp, burdock root, red clover, slippery elm inner bark, blessed thistle, sheep sorrel, watercress and Indian rhubarb root. Even though this alternative liver cancer treatment is not proven scientifically, there are people who have witnessed good results with using the herbal tea. These herbs have properties that can fight cancer. It makes the immune system stronger, alleviates pain, purifies blood and endorses the cellular health.

The grape diets are also projected as fighting cancer. Grapes are frequently utilized in the treatment of cancer as they have a lot of nutrients. Therefore, these organic grapes and the grape juices are added in your diet to boost the immunity system of your body. Though, it must also be noted that there are several grape diets that cheer people to eat and drink grapes for a long time. It can lead to weight loss and probably deficiency. Therefore, one needs to some amount of moderation in this practice. If one wants to begin a grape diet, get the advice of the alternative health specialist and note that the basic requirements of the body is fulfilled.

Antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10 give protection to for the tissues counting the liver as well. They control the antioxidants protect cells, cellular components from damage and damaging free radicals. There a lot of foods which are loaded with antioxidants, like beta carotene that is found in sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, squash and apricots. Coenzyme Q10 promotes the liver health and must be consumed as a carrier oil like flaxseed oil.

There are a lot of alternative liver cancer treatments. The vital thing is to note that one does not need to confine themselves to the prescription drugs given by their medical doctor. Alternative liver cancer treatments are willingly absorbed by the body with minimal side effects. When one flushes the liver utilizing the herbs and other nutrients, they provide body to repair itself.

Acupressure is a conventional practice that was the main stay of the Asian nations. These days the western nations have also picked up the traditional therapy after finding it quite useful. The idea behind acupressure is to address the root source of the disease. Rather than treating just liver cancer acupressure locates the root problem and finds the solution for it too.

Cancer Remedies – Medical Vs Natural Cancer Treatments

There is a strong move within the medical communities and government bodies such as the US FDA to make sure that people who are ill are not subject to scam claims about alternative cancer remedies and natural cancer treatments.

This would be fair enough if the medical community was actually offering treatments that worked. Unfortunately some of them have been shown to be medically ineffective. An important medical paper in 2004 showed that chemotherapy only increased the average 5 year survival rates by just over 2% (reference below).

Chemotherapy for breast cancer, for example, has an average increased 5-year survival rate of only 1.5%. A number of cancers (soft tissue sarcoma, melanoma of skin, uterus, prostate, bladder, kidney and multiple myeloma) were shown to have no increase in survival due to chemotherapy at all.

Doctors often talk about patients having unrealistic expectations about the efficacy of drugs, but to my way of thinking they only have themselves to blame. None of the doctors I work closely with in our medical school had ever spoken to patients about the low effectiveness of chemotherapy. In fact only one of them knew exactly how ineffective the drugs actually were.

If we take the breast cancer example again – women with breast cancer have a 78-85% 5-year survival rate in Australia, of which only 1.5% was due to chemotherapy. None of my friends who have had breast cancer were told that the average length of survival for breast cancer is 20 years nor about the high survival rate, nor about the low impact of chemotherapy. All believed that they needed chemotherapy to have any hope of survival.

The flip side of this terrible situation is that if only 1.5% of survivors are due to chemotherapy, then 76.5-83.5% is due to other things. Surgery and radiotherapy will play some part. But so too, does the body’s natural ability to heal. If you really want to keep on living it makes sense to spend a little time exploring those aspects of healing, known to science and to our cultural traditions which will improve our quality of life, and hopefully, our longevity.

There is much known to science but a lot of this is tucked away in health psychology text books and journals. Some of this is known through pop psychology but may not be accurate. For example, it is often believed that to survive you have to be positive all the time. My own research has shown that this is not the case, however being positive most of the time is one of the characteristics of survivors.

Governmental bodies and anti-scam scientists are particularly hard on those who promote supplements suggesting that all people are after is making money out of the sick. No doubt this is sometimes the case. But what excuse is there for promoting chemotherapy as THE answer to cancer when it only increases survival by an average of just over 2% and in some cases, is not of benefit at all. Who benefits from this? Who is paid the big money?

As a researcher I have to say that it is highly unlikely that just one supplement, herb, fancy berry from the highlands of somewhere will be sufficient to make the difference of life or death. However there are some good scientific pointers to suggest that avoiding sugar and flour which feed cancers, adding anti cancer foods of brightly colored vegetables and fruit, adding some supplements proven to be advantageous, taking regular exercise, and undertaking certain self care activities would definitely be positive to health. And many regions around the world have their traditional cancer remedies, their natural cancer treatments which might be good to add to your overall regimen. Check out all of your options and don’t let yourself be bullied by anyone.

Reference: Morgan G, Ward R, Barton M. The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies. Clinical Oncology 2004;16:549-560. This is reasonably readable and anyone with cancer should get a copy (try your university medical library – they can download it for you). It isn’t very chatty, mostly just how they came to the figures for each of the main cancers.

Holistic Cancer Treatment

A holistic cancer treatment that really works is the prayer of every person who has faced the agonizing decisions that come with a diagnosis of cancer. Current treatments offered by conventional, allopathic medicine invariably involve surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation.

All these treatments are extremely invasive and harmful to the body. Surgery may visibly mutilate the appearance, adding psychological trauma to physical pain, and it leaves the patient susceptible to opportunistic infections. This risk of infection is greatly enhanced by chemotherapy and radiation, which severely weaken the body’s immune system. Once this allopathic regimen has been initiated, it becomes impossible to distinguish the harm caused by the disease from the side effects of these invasive treatments.

On the other hand, a holistic cancer treatment is intended to balance and strengthen the whole physical system of the patient. This strengthens the body’s innate ability to heal itself. I realize that it may sound far-fetched to say that a healthy and balanced immune system can heal cancer. The reason for this is found in our common beliefs about cancer, which have been shaped by contemporary, mainstream medicine with its single-minded fixation on these highly invasive, and highly profitable, treatments.

According to the National Cancer Institute, “Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues…Cancer is not just one disease but many diseases. There are more than 100 different types of cancer. Most cancers are named for the organ or type of cell in which they start…”

From this perspective, cancer is considered an extremely complex condition. Note that the location in the body can determine “the type” of cancer. Once ascertained, each type may then be targeted with specific drugs designed for that specific type.

So, how does a holistic cancer treatment address this apparently complex situation? By focusing, first of all, on what is common to all types of cancers, i.e., abnormal cells that divide without control. Then, by looking for a systemic condition within the body that allows this to occur.

Believe it or not, at least one such systemic condition has already been discovered. While you may wonder why you have not heard of this “breakthrough” medical discovery, it did not go unnoticed at the time it was made, in 1924. In fact, seven years later, in 1931 Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his “discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme.”

In simple layman’s terms, Warburg discovered that cancer cells are only able to thrive in an anaerobic, or oxygen deprived, environment. The corollary is also true. Cancer cells are unable to proliferate in an oxygen rich environment. If you think it stands to reason that cancer could be eradicated simply by therapeutically enriching the oxygen supply within the body, you would not be alone. In fact, you would be in very good company.

The first reported use of the internal use of oxygen, in the form of hydrogen peroxide, was reported to the St. Louis Medical Society, in February of 1888, in a paper presented by I. N. Love, M.D., entitled, “Peroxide of Hydrogen as a Remedial Agent.” His presentation was published the following month in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Love explained how he used hydrogen peroxide to successfully treat a wide variety of conditions, including, scarlet fever, diphtheria, nasal catarrh, acute coryza (head catarrh), whooping cough, asthma, hay fever, and tonsillitis. He also documented the use of hydrogen peroxide in treating uterine cancer as a “cleanser, deodorizer and stimulator of healing”.

Since then there have been many other physicians who have investigated the healing powers of oxygen, both through oral and intravenous application. As early as 1919, the noted chemist and physician, Dr. William F. Koch began treating cancer patients with oxygen therapy. What was noteworthy about Dr. Koch was the high esteem in which he was held professionally, along with his unbending moral principles that were beyond corruption.

Hon. William Lancer, of North Dakota, said before The Senate of The United States on Monday, June 7, 1948 “Comparisons are odious but Dr. Koch has been described by authorities as ‘the world’s greatest living chemist’; ‘the discoverer of a new science which charts the future course of the medical profession’; ‘one who cannot be bought, coerced, or intimidated’; ‘a Christian gentleman of courage and distinctive attainments’; and ‘a man of amazing capacities.'”

It seems that the very significance of his discoveries, which charted “the future course of the medical profession” was the reason for his subsequent persecution by authorities. This is because the course that his work pointed to was inherently holistic. As such, it ran contrary to the course that the profession has steadfastly adhered to for the last hundred years, a course that encourages reductionistic specialization and discredits a holistic perspective. This narrow focus has led to a severely restricted repertoire of treatment options with cancer, comprised of surgery, radiation and proprietary drugs.

As is the case with virtually every pioneer of alternative and holistic cancer treatments, Dr. Koch’s efforts were hampered, and then discredited, by the Food and Drug Administration. He finally left his homeland to pursue his research in a less restrictive environment. He died in Brazil in 1967.

I’ll leave it to you to investigate why the FDA has not approved one holistic cancer treatment despite over one hundred years of extremely persuasive anecdotal evidence provided by highly qualified physicians. Thankfully, because of the Internet, you now have access to previously suppressed sources of information, and these can greatly expand the choices you have available, today, for your own health care.

Mary Helen Sutherland is an Independent Health Researcher, and writer, with an avid interest in all aspects of Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing.

Breast Cancer Treatment – The Most Effective Treatments For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is fast becoming an epidemic here in North America, and probably in many other countries as well. I can’t say that it’s entirely surprising, though. With the dead food diets, and electromagnetic fields, and toxic personal care products, it isn’t really very surprising at all. What is surprising, is that women are still subjecting themselves to toxic and barbaric treatment and screening procedures. I guess when fear sets in and you have a supposed expert standing there telling you that your only hope is Chemotherapy or surgery, you just accept it.

As you read every word of this short article, you’re going to realize that conventional breast cancer treatments aren’t only ineffective, but are downright harmful to your chances of survival. When it comes to treating breast cancer, nature offers far more potent and far less harmful options.

The most effective treatments for breast cancer are not chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, you want to get well. That is your goal. Now, how in the world do you expect to regain your health and vitality by pumping toxic chemicals into your bloodstream? Chemotherapy kills cancer cells. And it also kills healthy cells. It kills everything in its path. If your cancer happens to go away before you die, then it is deemed a success. It’s a huge, billion dollar joke!

And as for radiation…aren’t we told to avoid radiation because it causes cancer? If there’s a nuclear accident, aren’t there huge amounts of cancer cases and birth defects afterward because of radiation? How can it heal the same thing it causes?

I won’t even go into surgery. Cutting off body parts is sad and barbaric. Your body is beautiful the way it is. Just leave it alone.

Our bodies want to heal themselves. We have our own built in immune system perfectly designed to keep disease out. All we have to do is help it out. All we have to do is reverse the conditions in our body that enabled the breast cancer to get there in the first place.

You have breast cancer because you are toxic. You have breast cancer because you are acidic. You have it because you have low oxygen levels and because your immune system is weak. Natural breast cancer treatments are designed to reverse these conditions inside your body. If you make the environment one that cancer cells can’t survive in, guess what will happen? That’s right, no more cancer.

Cancer doctors will argue this, and they will use their big medical terms. They will make it seem so complicated, but it really isn’t. Your body wants to be in balance and it wants to be breast cancer free. Explore natural treatment options that will restore it back to where it wants to be.

The most effective treatments for breast cancer can be found all around you…all you have to do is take responsibility for your own health and take some action.

What Women Know About Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Women in the US have around a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer at some stage in their lives, and a three percent chance of dying from it. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women the world over, and is second only to heart disease in total numbers of deaths caused.

Treatment of breast cancer is an extremely important issue – yet many women do not know their treatment options for breast cancer. What do most women know about treating breast cancer, and what can cancer hospitals do to help women make better informed choices?

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide, the leading cancer in women, and the second leading cause of death in women worldwide. It has an incidence rate more than twice that of cervical cancer and colorectal cancer, and three times as high as lung cancer in women. It follows that breast cancer is one of the most researched and publicized conditions – however, many groups in our society know little about their treatment options for breast cancer.

Recent research has revealed that nearly half of women being treated for breast cancer did not know that their odds of survival were just as good whether they underwent a complete mastectomy, or breast conserving surgery. One of the greatest impacts of breast cancer on its survivors is on their mental health and self-image. The loss of a breast can have a huge impact on how a woman feels about herself, which in turn affects her general health and the attention she pays to her body.

The study was carried out by The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. It discovered that many women do not understand the differences between treatment options for breast cancer, and minority women are even less likely to be aware of the impact their decisions will have on their prognosis. This was found to be true even though surgeons communicated the differences to their patients in all cases – the information simply didn’t seem to be integrated into the decision making process.

One factor that the researchers note is that information about breast cancer treatment must be communicated in a culturally appropriate and sensitive way. With medical tourism and overseas treatment now creating a large part of the cancer-treatment demographic, this clear communication is more important than ever.

Hospitals which focus on medical tourism, like Bangkok Hospital in Thailand, as well as Bumrungrad in Thailand, understand the importance of cultural sensitivity when communicating with patients. Bangkok Hospital, for example, takes a range of steps to make sure that overseas patients feel as ‘at-home’ as possible while in the hospital, with different dietary options, doctor that speak several languages, as well as translators for all the languages not spoken by the doctors themselves, and signage and information provided in several languages.

In many cases, patients may find that doctors in Thai hospitals for breast cancer like Bangkok Hospital and Bumrungrad have their treatment options more clearly communicated to them than they would in the West. Both of these cancer treatment hospitals in Thailand have specialized breast care clinics, focusing on early detection and diagnosis, as well as treatment of breast cancer in Thailand.

Given the more international, diverse focus of Thailand’s breast cancer hospitals, treatment as a medical tourist may make more sense, and provide better outcomes for women with breast cancer